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It's the cash flow management system designed to change your life.

Katie Scott business cash flow strategist and coach

Hey girlboss! I'm Katie!

I'm a former accountant turned cash flow management coach for creative-type entrepreneurs just like you!

Whether you're selling digital products or services, I've got your back. Bookkeeping, budgeting, and profit strategies are what I do!

I'm putting together a life-changing program that's launching in early 2019.

My new signature program is designed to fortify your entire financial life - that means building business systems that support your personal financial goals, and vice versa!

So, what does this look like?

Never letting another dollar slip through the cracks.Paying yourself a consistent salary.No more swiping your emergency business credit card.Never wondering if you can afford your next investment.Live on LAST month's income - so you can breathe a little!Paychecks that don't go to waste - your personal finances will be as pristine as your business'.

(How's that for ROI?)

This 3-month 1:1 coaching program consists primarily of bi-weekly calls structured to address your money leaks (both in math and mindset!) and fortify systems that guarantee your future success.

Through the seamless blending of Profit First business finance and Dave Ramsey personal finance teachings, we'll employ two of the most powerful money management principles you'll ever come across.

But, beyond that, we'll flush everything through both my Accountant and Creative lenses to make sure we're creating the perfect, practical systems for YOU!

Here's where you come in.

I have the system that can change your life.
But now, I'm looking for 1-2 Beta Testers to help me iron out the logistics.

And, as a thank you for helping me out, my Beta Testers will gain access to this coaching program for 50% off.

Let me say that again: 50% OFF.

You will never have the opportunity to join this program for less. I'm really not just tooting my own horn here, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

All you need to do, today, is click the pink "Apply Now" button below and fill out the brief application!

You're not committing to anything. You're merely expressing interest. I'll follow up with you and we'll book a quick chat so we can flesh out the details, answer any questions, and see if we're a perfect pair!

I'm only accepting applications for a limited time, so don't waste your chance! Let's meet!

*The full cost for this program will be $1,997 USD, but Beta Testers get access for only $997! Payment plans are available.

Wondering how a coaching service like this can make such promises?

Or maybe, you're wondering what makes MY service so special. After all, I'm sure I'm not the only one promising you a profitable year.

My program (official name TBD by my Beta Testers!) is a blend of every money philosophy and financial principle I've studied over the years. I'm not just teaching you one system that someone else created - you can go read a book for that.

Rather, I take a holistic approach and integrate what I've learned studying business finance, personal finance, bookkeeping, tax, accounting, budgeting, debt, organization, planning, and more!

As mentioned above, the foundation for my teachings are the Profit First system for business finance and Dave Ramsey teachings for personal finance. But these teachings have been adapted to fit the needs of creative-type entrepreneurs like me and you!

I'm going to teach you the fundamentals, but I'm also going to customize to fit who you are. I'm going to give you the tools and systems you need, and we're going to build it all into one cohesive system that you can maintain like the CFO-boss I know you are.

(It's also worth noting that this system is BEYOND bookkeeping. We can add on bookkeeping help if you need it, but this program is focused more on managing the money you have coming in, not just tracking it!)

So if that answers your questions and assures you that this is the program for you, hit the button below to fill out your application! It'll only take a minute!

I can't wait to work with you!

x Katie Scott
Biz Cash Flow Management Coach of

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